Jan 14, 2012

Could SOPA/PIPA Act be the beginning of the end?


Usually I spend my days designing and researching the latest tricks dealing in all things web. However, the other day I came across something that stopped me in my tracks. Apparently there is a bill that is set to be passed on January 24th called SOPA, or Stop Online Piracy Act. Now, many of you may be thinking “Hey, piracy is stealing so I am all for this!”. The problem is that you have to think a little further about the issue. It’s not that stopping the act of piracy is a bad thing, but rather the means and measures by which they (the Gov’t) are going to try to achieve it. Between this bill and it’s sister bill, PIPA, we stand to lose our freedoms of expression, free speech, and privacy. I ask you to please take a minute and watch the video. Then follow these links to learn more about this situation and how you can help.