Lessons I Learned in Starting My WordPress Business-0
Jan 22, 2016

Lessons I Learned in Starting My WordPress Business


If theres one thing I love about WordPress the most, it has to be the community behind it. We’re all out there building and designing awesome sites with the platform, yet we all donate time to start new groups, put on presentations, and host Wordcamps to help people learn and give back. Its an awesome thing to be a part of and I was honored to put together the following presentation for our Philly WP Meetup. You can download the presentation slides, workbooks, and copies of my creative briefs below. Im always learning too so if you think theres a questions I should add, let me know!

A lot of you heard me mention how critical a well written, well structured, and easy to sign proposal can make a huge difference in your conversions. Afterwards, a few attendees had some questions regarding functionality and realized it is much more than just a proposal creation tool, but that it can show your closing metrics, give incite as to how interested your potential client is and in what section, along with integrating with a lot of the top software apps you use everyday, like accounting programs. You also heard me talk about my reputation and what it means to me, so I would not recommend something or use it my self if it was garbage. The support staff is attentive and guess what? They listen to our wants and needs….sound familiar? lol Below is an affiliate link for a free trial. If you like the shirt you got, or suffer from the same proposal frustration and phobias I did, you owe it to yourself to give it a free try. If not don’t worry, send em’ my way cause I’m drinking coffee and closing over here! 🙂