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The example below shows how we work directly with clients and listen attentively to achieve a new look and
feel for their website, one that compliments their brand and image. The site below was the client’s initial site.
The existing site’s look and feel was too sterile for a non-profit organization who’s main demographic is parents of children with Down Syndrome. Also, the site’s architecture was simple yet not functional which can lead to
user frustration.

The new site effectively represents the organization on a whole new level providing a superior look over other non-profits. The design makes use of friendly fonts, whimsical design elements and happy infants, children and teens with Down Syndrome. Parents consistently strive to do the best they can for their children wether or not they have health or physical issues. Providing the client with a site that’s not only informative but resourceful for parents was a key component in this project. Our goal was to not only make Reach for the Stars look like a reliable source of information on Down Syndrome but to also build and grow a community around the organization to educate and make others aware that individuals with Down Syndrome are just like everyone else.

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