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Jul 3, 2014

Where Will SEO Be 1 Year From Now?


Google just rolled out another Panda update, which saw major websites like eBay end up with a 78% loss in search visibility! This poses the question, where will SEO be 1 year from now? With so many changes to the algorithms and online marketing techniques, marketers need to be prepared for anything. Here are some of the industry changes we are seeing that are altering the way you optimize your website.

Mobile Readiness

We have been saying for the last five years that you need a mobile website, this is a message that every industry leader continues to stress. Mobile search is huge as the average smartphone user spends 6 hours consuming digital media on their phone. If you haven’t rolled out a mobile friendly site, do so now. You will continue to lose key traffic for your site, and your rankings will suffer for it.

Smaller Social Media Realms

Twitter and Facebook dominated the social media world for years, but smaller sites are really growing in popularity. Younger audiences are shifting to Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, Vine, Wanelo, Oovoo, and Pheed are major players for teenagers. This means you need to start creating profiles on these sites if you want to see traffic from a variety of social media.

Customer Testimonials

We already know people rely heavily on reviews before they invest in a new product or service. Encourage your readers to leave customer testimonials to help boost the credibility of your business. Claim your Google + listing, listing, and other listings where people are talking about your company. Google + will rank your site based on the activity happening, and your ratings will appear in the search engine results. Respond to your customers feedback in all situations so people know you do take their opinions to heart and you are looking for ways to continually improve your business.

Local Search

Several companies are investing in local search marketing to improve their website rankings. This is another area that will continue to grow in the next year. As previously mentioned, claim your listing on just about every website out there. Certain sites like and Google + allow businesses to set up- mobile and online offers. This is a great way to target your audience and see an increase in your traffic. Optimize your website by adding your address and phone number to every page on the website. This will help the search engines locate your company and generate results in the search engines when people are performing local search.


We cannot stress the importance of high-quality, thought-provoking content. Google Panda 3.0 is just a small sampling of the importance of content. eBay doesn’t have a lot of in-depth content, which is why they ended up seeing a huge drop in their search visibility. Take the time to create longer blog posts that relate to your audience. Invest in content that benefits your reader in one way or another, and is completely different from anything else on the Internet. The latest Panda update shows us the shift of SEO is to focus on content and this will continue to be something you need to follow up on for several years.