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Jan 8, 2012

Why you should be on Google Plus!


When Google Plus came out I knew it was going to be important, I just didn’t know exactly how.  I have been following the blogs and news trying to understand just how this social network was going to become the powerhouse that experts predict.  Well, as the facts are rolling in I am going to keep posting them here for all of you to read.  Here is a short list, everyone loves a list right?

  1. More followers equals better search rankings.
    Unlike Facebook likes, the more +1’s you get the better you will rank.
  2. Claim authorship for your articles.
    If you are a blogger you can link your name directly to the articles you have published on the web.
  3. Connect your Google+ Page to your website.
    When you incorporate your Google+ Badge or insert the code into your website, new relevant content becomes a part of your search results.
  4. Group your contacts and friends into different circles.
    Grouping is something that Facebook has tried and ultimately failed at. With Circles you can send a specific message to a defined group of people.
  5. Harness the power of Hangouts.
    I have been giving web tutorials over Skype for a few years, however Google Hangouts allows for an entire group to be present. This can be extremely cost efficient for office meetings or for informative sessions with customers. See the video below.